About Me

Hola! My name is Rebecca Teeters and I am a freelance travel writer, who occasionally writes a book.

Two years ago I bought a car and loaded it with old fashioned paper maps, my duffel bag, a laptop, my 85 pound dog Jack** and 40 pounds of dog food. I suppose it would have been smart to bring along other essentials, like gas, a working cell phone and maybe even a GPS, but none of that seemed important. Jack and I drove through Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica before we found paradise. Now I live in the small town of Puerto Armuelles, Panama and have never been happier.

I spend a lot of my time fighting weeds and trying to translate Spanish, but along the way I have been learning about local life and the culture of my adopted home. Many thanks go out to my husband, Onesimo, a native of Panama and my teacher everyday.

My hope is to pass along information to those that have already moved to Panama, want to move, or just like to be informed. Please share my page with friends and family if you find my rambling informative.

** Jack has since passed, but his name may still show up in old tales. These days it is no longer Jack, but Gringer who drives me insane and comforts me when the tough gets rough.