Sunny Days In Panama – Where Are You?

Long stretches of beaches, palm trees swaying in the breeze. This is the general image of Panama, at least in the brochures. Those of us living here, we enjoy wearing shorts year-round and leaving the jackets for trips into the mountains. We also love our rainy season. A much needed break from the sweltering days of no rain.

Here is where I must divest from the travel brochure. It is November, holiday season and I need to do laundry. Mother Nature, if you can hear my cries, please, give us some sun. I have band uniforms, baseball gear and generally, just need some clothes. Like many of my neighbors, I have invested in a washing machine, but as we do, I hang my laundry to dry. It is not drying. These are desperate times.

This morning, as my husband got ready to leave for yet another parade I was desperate to dry his uniform. I considered the oven, a nice toasty roast, but that sounded iffy. I don’t own a hair drier, which I have been known to use in the past. We didn’t have time for me to run around in circles in hopes of drying said uniform and the fan did nothing. So, desperately I searched the house and found the iron. Not my favorite item in the house, and not my favorite “wifely duty” but it worked. Who knew an iron had so many uses?

By the time I lined up all the seams and got all the creases in the right places, hooray, I had a dry band uniform. Now, if you are a professional with an iron this method may be tedious, but trust when I declare to be no professional. Ironing a band uniform is a tedious and exact science. Since I have not used an iron since home-ec class in middle school, it is a chore.

Band Uniforms In All Their Glory!

So, I hope Mother Nature hears my cries and delivers us with some sun, as I will not iron underwear or socks. That is just ludicrous. Please remember this post in six months when I am asking, where is the rain? Please give us some rain.
Yep, that is just like life, you always want what you don’t have.

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